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Welcome to The Hillsman House Assisted Living Home!

THE HILLSMAN HOUSE Assisted Living Home is a modern residential home, nestled in the quiet community of COTTONWOOD, ARIZONA, and offers complete 24 hour care for our residents.  Our staff has experience caring for your loved ones, understanding their needs both medically and emotionally, while protecting their privacy and dignity.  

At THE HILLSMAN HOUSE, we believe in strong work ethic and commitment to our residents, while providing superior care by experienced and nurturing caregivers at a low monthly rate.  

THE HILLSMAN HOUSE welcomes our residents to live in a safe, comfortable, and caring environment provided by our staff.  Activities and exercise programs will be offered to residents to enjoy and sleeping quarters are minimally decorated to allow your loved ones to add their own personal touches to the place they now call home.

Our residents will be provided a Nurse On-Call, 24 hours a day to assist with medical needs, as well as a Family Nurse Practitioner who will make house-calls to treat residents, if the residents, or their family so wishes.

We welcome your loved one to our home.